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Mama's Original and Most

Sought-After Recipe

Most Families have that one amazing signature dish that is passed along from one generation to the next...
It wasn't until I moved away from home that I realized how much I missed my mother's home cooked meals.  One dish I missed the most was her delicious, golden-crisped Lumpia.  I'd eat this everyday if I could! 
Twenty years ago and thousands of miles  away from home(Virginia), stationed all the way in Hawaii, I began to gather all the ingredients needed to duplicate my mother's Lumpia.  Fresh Vegetables and meat were purchased from the commissary and other ingredients obtained from the local Asian Market.   It took a few imperfect rolls which eventually perfected my rolling skills.
Each batch made was better than the last.  Each bite began to taste more and more like mama's Lumpia!  
"Perfection" is  my middle name as each lumpia is rolled with Pride and inspected with a Smile  :-)

And for the taste Test

"Wow these are so Good!!!"
It never occurred to me that a lot of people have never  heard or tasted this Delicious, tiny Morsel called Lumpia.   As part of my culture, it was a signature dish in my home.
I often get a kick at the reactions from those trying my Lumpia for the very first time as if they are delighted by the taste and extremely pleased by the introduction of this savory treat.
Over the years,  and throughout my many travels, this has become my signature dish and often served at functions, events, parties, potlucks and everything in between.  ​
It has often been mentioned that my Lumpia is made differently and it's the best they've ever had.
Try it for yourself today!
If you are not delighted or extremely pleased by your first's yours for free!
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